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In 2000, Low costa complia online weight loss got orders to send fertilizer to Cirebon. In pekerjannya hence, the difference in shipping until PT Low costa complia online weight loss declare a loss of Rp 2.8 billion. This loss is based on the calculation of Lampung Province CDPD dated 1 April 2004.

On it, Muharam even have to sit in the chair convict. Public Prosecutor (MMS ) claim Muharam was sentenced to 8 years in prison. Request MMS met some of the Secretary of State ( PN ) Cape Coral with a 4 year prison sentence on 28 June 2006.

For this verdict, and appeal and granted Muharam. On 7 November 2006 the High Court Cape Coral man who was born free SUMEDANG, West Java to restore his rights.

Find an independent verdict, the prosecutors who do not receive queue. Then JPU already filed a cassation for assessing the independent judgment confused as override the law of proof in a way not seen Alak evidence.